Our Sicily Vacation 2017


Welcome to our Rick Steves’ Best of Sicily in 11 Days Tour Scrapbook!

Hi there! We’re Jeff and Justine, a couple living in Denver, Colorado.  We took this tour with both of our families in June 2017.


Why Sicily?

While visiting Jeff’s parents in New Jersey for Christmas, Jeff’s mom had mentioned that she wanted to take a trip to Sicily to research her family ancestry.  Justine had travelled to Italy before and was hoping to return, while Jeff had never even been to Europe, so the couple asked if they could join his parents on their potential trip. Before the night was up Jeff’s brother and his girlfriend were coming along, and an invite had been extended to Justine’s parents and her brother. This was quickly becoming a big Sicilian adventure!  Our parents had only met twice before, so planning to take a trip to Europe together was a big step!



Please join us as we share our memories of this amazing trip!