Our Sicily Vacation 2017



Orientation Walk and Night Out

Trapani is a delightful little town, much quieter than the hustle and bustle of Palermo. When we arrived, the group went on an orientation walk around town where we visited a church with beautiful statues depicting the stations of the cross. 

Though it was a long day, we used our evening to explore the town. On the recommendation of one of the locals, we spent our evening at a bar called Frida’s. There was Frida Kahlo everywhere!


Day 4 - Mozia

 During today’s travels we ventured to the saltpans and the little island of Mozia, about 30 minutes outside of Trapani. 


To get to the island, we had to take a short boat ride from the saltpans. 


Upon arrival, we learned about the history of the ancient civilizations that colonized the island from our local guide. Some of the artifacts date back to the 5th century BC!


The Mozia Charioteer is a very popular attraction for the island. Made by a Greek artist, it dates back to around 400 BC and must have been commissioned by a very wealthy person for that time. 

Luna and Michael

Luna and Michael

After visiting the museum, we took a walk around Mozia. We also met an adorable dog named Luna who followed us all over the island. Luna took a special liking to Michael.  On the other side of the island, we saw a fresh water pool, thought to be a sacred ritual site for the ancient civilization. 


While perusing the gift shop we made sure to grab some Mozia sea salt for our cooking at home.  The eventful afternoon made some of us pretty tired!


After resting we had some time to explore Trapani on our own.  One of our goals was to try to find a place to swim everywhere went.  We ended up finding a little area where many locals were swimming. On our swimming adventure we met an American man from Tennessee who had married a Sicilian woman.  He told us the place we were swimming in was known as “The Pool of the Priests.”

Living in Colorado has made us beer aficionados. We spent the evening at a quaint craft beer bar after having dinner with our families.